Is she testing me? Or did she just drop me?

So basically this girl and I have been dating for 1 month. Everything went well, dates lasted hours, she even invited me out to meet her once. We sent texts to each other more and more as we dated. Note that I kept it at a 1:1 ratio, mirror mirror, etc.

Anyway, I asked her out on a 3rd/4th date via text, but she was going out of town for the weekend. I said something along "well how about XXX day then", she said she didn't know her times yet, then instantly followed it up with "lets just see and we can play around with the timing".

I pulled back at this point. For about a week after, texts were reduced. She sent me 2-3 texts during the entire week, and when I responded, she answered. (she sent the texts out).

This is the first time since we started dating there has been a lull in conversations.

Still, around the end of the week I decided to strike up the flame, and just sent a random text being goofy about what I was doing, etc. I sent one more text the following day, asking her how she was.

At this point, she answered. I got several messages about her week, then 2 hours later she sent me some more texts.

So I sent a reply later on, again, just being goofy and BSing with her. However, its now been a few days, and I've not heard a reply. This is highly unusual, as she has never shut me down like this.

Am I being tested? To see if ill respond to her ignoring me? I dont "think" she suddenly lost interest... but still. Why test me now? OR is she just doing what I did and mirroring me pulling back before... need help understanding this. What should I do here?


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  • I'd be careful with this situation. My relationship with a girl broke down all of a sudden when we stopped seeing each other physically and just texted. It sounds like you have not met her in awhile.

    If you know she's back and she's avoiding the next date, I would take that as a bad sign. If she is not back yet I would not worry about it too much. Maybe give her some time.

  • You may have joked around a little bit to much. Its okay to be goofy but not all the time. She prolly had a bad day you have to actually tell her how she's doing take that a little bit serious. Don't stress about it if she doesn't reply back give her a little bit of space if she needs it.