Girlfriend losing interest or playing mind games?

I don't know if my girlfriend Is playing games with me or just losing interest. She likes a badboy type I guess. Used to chase me a lot. Thought I was too good for her etc . We are long distance right now doesn't really message a lot when I do get a little conversation going she ended it twice. She still gets real emotional when we talk in person though about the future and what not. I know she's not cheating well I'm pretty sure. Should I just let her go I'm not down for this dynamic of me being this clingy boyfriend. The tables were so the opposite before.


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  • Why don't you sit down and talk to her before just saying basically "I'm done"

    • I mean I did I offered her a break and asked her. I don't think I'm clingy I get a couple days off the week and o try to message her see what's going on. Showing a little bit of a nicer side to me I guess. I don't know if she's turned off by that but if she is I'm dropping it.

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    • Mean? Nah just get a vibe her interest level is dropping not as much respect. Either that or she is just getting comftorable.

    • Well being comfortable is not a bad thing. It's good. She likes to be with you.. like her normal everyday life is with you. It's not that she not interested in you.

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  • Ask you self if she was clinging to you would you feel differently?
    Long distance always sux man, try asking if she would like to take a break. Shell get all emotional but just say you think you should both take a breather

    • She said she doesn't want to started crying.

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    • I do I mean she asked me if I wanted to be on a break because she thought I was really unhappy not being able to get laid and said I was complaining about that all the time. I asked why she wanted that started crying and shit saying no no I just want you to be happy and j don't want anyone else but you all that jazz.

    • Honestly I'd talk and explain to her that it be nice for her to make an effort to talk to you.
      And if you've tried it then I'd let her go. Yeah she'll be crying but sometimes it's better to nip it in the bud. Then in the future if you guys still want to try again then more power to you