She was in a relationship a while back that ended. She likes me ( and I like her of course), but she says she isn't ready for a relationship yet?

Hi. Today I had a wonderful double date with the girl of my dreams. We went to a movie at a mall and afterwards walked and messed around a bit. I got her a present (it was in my car outside) and I was going to give it to her when we were just about to leave. Then she gets a call and her and her friend tell us bye and leave for basketball practice. (We are 14) I turn and look at my friend and say $h! t I had a present for her. He says no problem just give it to her some other time. I say ok and I leave. Few hours later (I get back from my baseball practice) I text her and say I had a great time and asked what she thought of it. She said she had fun and wants to do it again sometime. Then she said, so I heard you got me a gift. I reply, Yeah? She then replied, I thought we were just friends. I answered yeah, (we kind of are at the time) but I just wanted to get you somthing to show I care. She answers thanks but I don't think I can accept this, I didn't get anything for you. I tell her you don't need to. She says ok and there is a pause in our messages. Im wondering in my head if she even wants a relationship with me. We get along so well. So I text her asking her pretty much if I have a chance with such a sweet and beautiful person. (I can tell you more about this text if needed) She replied that she really likes me, thinks I'm cute, nice, the works. Then she says she doesn't want to get into another relationship yet. (She was dumped 4 or 5 months ago) So I text her yeah I get it, just know that ill be here if you need me, and I can wait as long as you want to. Because you are what matters here, not me as much. She then responds, oh thank you I'm so happy you get it! I tell her yep no problem and we start talking about something else. I know this wasn't her telling me I have no chance with her. (She has done that and she ain't afraid to say what's on her mind.) Please help me! I don't want to lose her now!


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  • She doesn't like you as a boy. As a friend- yes. And she said it very nicely, without any offense and drama.
    My only advise: start acting cold to her. Just like a friend. Don't reply her messages fast, stop complimenting her. See if she tries to get your attention back. Usually it works.


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