Late reply due to 'broken' phone. Should I buy this?

Let me know if I should believe any of this.

1. I sent text to a girl asking her out.
2. She takes forever to reply saying her phone is being fixed.
3. I reply with a time/date.
4. She again takes forever (even longer) to reply before agreeing to date, so long that now I have to reschedule. This time she says she had to replace her phone.

Do you think I should buy her broken phone story? I'm kinda feeling not very keen anymore.


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  • My girlfriend gave me more bullshit excuse for not being able to go on a date with me for few weeks like her mum went apeshit and werent allowed to go out fo the rest of the holiday. I didn't buy it of course but i pretended i did. It turns out it was true and she had to cancel multiple lunches with her friends as well. As long as she doesn't give you 'bullshit excuse' over and over again i think you should go with it. And in your case she did end up going out with you so its all good. Nothing good comes from overthinking shit.


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  • What an unfortunate for a phone to break. I'd buy it for now but if it happens again I'd cut my losses.


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