Am I falling for the wrong type of girls?

well im 22 years old and I have not had a gf or kissed a girl. I have been close on many opportunities but something happened and she went away. all the girls I have liked either are in a relationship at the time, just got out of one and don't want another one at the time, or just don't want to be in a relationship, so with those girls I endup being friends with then then all of a sudden get feelings for them and my confidence suffers for it because I end up telling them how I truly feel and they tell me the same thing every time. I hate how this always happens to me, and I can't blame it on my self because I don't pick who I fall in love with. there is this one girl right now I meet in the student dowms and somewhat became friends (I also became with her 2 friends that she meet in the dorms) when I first met this girl I thought I had feeling but didn't know because it was to earl and duriig break the feeling started to hit me and I realized I like her. we started talking a lot during break on snapchat (through actuall messages) and I would smile everytime I got a new message from her, the last few days of break the convo really died down and I felt kind of down about it. now back at school I saw her yesterday but she didn't really ackwnoledge me much since her friend (form dorms) was there. I know I need to tell her the truth but don't know how, and don't want to ruin a friendship with all 3 of them because of this... I already know she isn't really looking for a relationship because of what her friends told me and that she probably doesn't have feeling but I need to know what all the cute flirt text was about then because I felt a connection during that time... I don't know what to do anymore my confidence has suffered enough, and whenever it has gone up it just goes down further into the ground than it was before...


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  • You shouldn't feel less confident because you told a girl how you felt about them, if anything that should give you more confidence. It take a lot of guts to tell someone that you like them instead of wondering what their feelings are towards you. I was recently in the same situation as you, as I fell for a fellow co worker. She was just different from anyone I meant in a long time, we texted back and forth, and everything. One day I told her I liked her and I wanted to get to know her better, sadly for me she didn't handle the situation all that great. But as time went on I put the pieces together.

    Don't be so hard on yourself, it is hard meeting genuine people. You just have to hope that you are in the right place and right time to meet people I find.

    • thank you, and I guess the main problem for me is pretty much like I said I just gotta meet them when im out or some other sort of setting were I won't become the title of "friends" first before we start going out on dates or I know it will be the same cycle! some of the time I don't have the feelings for them at first but I get comfortable around them and then I start to get feeling for them! with this girl I really started liking from the first time I meet her but didn't see it happening and like I said over break we were talking back and forth quite a bit and some was really flirty, and then the convo died. I really need to know what that was about or if it was just her playing games with me (and didit just for fun)! but yeah I know what you are saying, and yeah it does give me more confidence but it drops right back down in the deep hole again. and yeah I try not to be so hard on myself.. I feel somethingreat will happen some day.

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  • either that or you are not going out enough

    • I really don't, mainly cause im living in the small college dorms and I don't like going out much after class because im either to tired and don't really know anyone here... I consider myself outgoing but I don't get out much which is my main problem. soon I will be signing up for this gym and possible meet someone there but you never know...

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