How do I talk to a girl I don't know? Or meet them?

Is there any suggestions on how to meet a girl I've never talked to but saw her?


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  • Well i mean if youve never spoken to this girl then i think that's the first thing to do.. you should just say hi, i know this might sound like weird or something because you dont know her but just say hi, ask her name, if you guys go to the same school ask if she has so and so teacher as a math teacher.. if not ask her about the teacher she does have for math (or whatever subject. Its up to you lol) and keep the convo light and simple and actually seem like you care in a respectful way and then say oh by the way im (your name) and bye. ☺

    • Lol yeah I just sometimes get nervous I it's someone I've never talked to. I know what your saying. Thank you!

  • Where did you see her? Do you see her often? There are too many variables in this question.

    • Yeah I should of added more I'm sorry about that. Like for example a new semester if there's just a certain girl I may want to talk I always am nervous to approach them.

    • Just sit kinda close to her, try to make eye contact, smile and then just say hi. Take it slow and try to be comfortable.

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