He started ignoring me 3 years ago. I can't get over it?

Okay i met this guy in my first year of college and instantly fell in love with him. He was my dream boy and he was into me too.

However we went on summer break and when we got back (after about two months) he stopped coming up to me. Back then I was SUPER SHY so I would look away quickly when i saw him and would not say hi either.

So basically we started acting like strangers and it was so weird he would stand right by me and not say a word. He still stares at me ALL THE TIME

I just can't get over it. He was perfect and I never got closure and it's been 3 years..


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  • Aww. That's sweet well same thing happened to me everything fell out with this girl I befriended and liked. It was for the best I eventually got over her but it's a long story and too dramatic. We eventually stopped hanging with each other and went separate ways. It took me a while to get over her. You'll find someone better probably closer than you think and you'll get over him like I did with mine

    • I actually want to hear it lol it might help

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    • Lol same here there was this odd get together with old friends and I saw her. I thought to myself "do I still Have feelings for her?" And I answered my question with a "no, that would involve me actually caring for" and could care less about her.

    • *couldnt care any less

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