How to tell gf I cheated?

I LOVE my gf, for New Years I went with some friends to a Palm springs club. I hardly drink so my douche bag friends were pressuring me to drink and I gave in, well I guess I was a bit buzzed and my friends got a girl to talk to me, and one thing lead to another and j had a one night stand , I wanted to Choke the fuck out of my stupid ass friends for preparing me Cuz that's what caused it, I'm not blaming it on the alcohol but I really need to say something to my gf before she hears it from some other source, how should I tell her or should j even tell her?

But I honestly love her! It Will never happen again, I'm not that kind of guy


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  • Just sit her down and talk to her. Don't try to blame it on your friends or the alcohol cause that will make her more mad. Take responsibility for it and ask forbher forgiveness.


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  • Tell her, and take responsibility for your mistake. Don't make excuses to her.

  • It's better when you tell her!
    And make some new friends.


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  • You fucked up. Tell her before she finds out from someone else. Don't blame the alcohol, don't blame your friends, YOU fucked up. Accept responsibility and be prepared for the strong possibility that she's going to break up with you which I think is completely justified.

    Let's play the "what if" game

    What if the roles were reversed and she had cheated on you in the exact same way you cheated on her.

    How would you want her to explain it to her?
    How would you take the news, would you welcome he'd back with open arms or would you kick her ass to the curb?

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