I'm starting to like my best friend's ex.. help?

I came back home for winter break, and a few days into talking with her ex (he added me on facebook) he tells me he really likes me. He's super sweet, and always tries to make sure I'm never sad or upset. My friend is okay with us going out, but she still loves him. I'm leaving for college in one week, and I don't know what to do, but I think I'm starting to like him.. Should I ignore my feelings, see how it plays out when I'm back in college, or tell him there's a chance maybe someday we could form something before I leave?


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  • Think about how much you care for your friend. If you and this guy get together she'll be hurting every time she sees you with him.

    • Yes, I agree. ._.

    • Plus plenty of good men out there for you! This guy shouldn't want to come between you two.
      We have a song you've probably heard 'Bros before hoes'

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  • he is your friend's ex... is that a problem? Why would you ignore your feelings for a friend who doesn't even want him? Your friend has had her chance... she hasn't said she wants another anyway. Or is it that you don't trust him because he broke up with your friend? If so, give him the benefit of the doubt and figure him out for yourself

    • Well, their breakup was because of their parents not getting along. I'm scared she'll end up hating me, or calling me a bad friend if I don't decide to ignore my feelings and pursue this.

    • The guy is unavailable to your friend... If she is really a friend, or the female equivalent of a true bro... she'll never hate you for it as long as you don't rub it in her face... Check this guy out... girls are masters of covert background checks... get a thorough scrutiny on him... for all you know, he might be an enormous arsehole... If you decide you like him, give him a shot and talk to your friend about it... or if you are already unsure about him, tell him to piss off... one missed chance for romance isn't such a big deal

  • Why did they break up and does he like you just cause he's single? Use your brain girl

    • They broke up because their parents didn't like them together. No, he likes me because I'm smart, sweet, caring person.. stuff like that. He hasn't even tried to lay a move or anything, because he's worried about the reaction I might have.

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