Why is it that having physical contact with him considered showing love?

Today I gave my first hj, he completely guided me through it. Made me laugh so it wasn't uncomfortable and he was guilty at the end. He wanted to show me that it was completely natural and he felt closer to me, I let him touch my breasts. I assured him I did not feel uncomfortable and it did feel natural.
But he also said an eye for an eye and he tried to feel me through my pants, I let him a little but I stopped him and told him it was too much today. He later texted me saying he wanted us to try the bj and I said that's something I'd never do, it won't happen. He said he understood.
So every time he says he wants to be alone, I feel like it's a chance for him to feel me up or me to give him a Hj. How can I say that I don't want to do it often and I'm not ready for myself to get touched, I'm completely okay with giving a hj, not a bj.


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  • never say never, who knows how you'll think in 5 years from now.
    but just dont let him pressure you, now that he had a bit, he now wants a lot. some guys will start thinking with their dicks. if its the case and is just being really rude and disrespectful just leave. if he's ok, its all good


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  • Bj is better than hj.. Boys prefer bj over hj...

    • I won't do it, never will.

    • It's ur choice u like or dislike,,,, just tell him clearly n refuse to do so...

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