Is he being nice, or is it a hint that he doesn't like me?

I asked this guy if he wants to catch up, and he responded that he was mainly busy, as he was staying with his cousins over the holidays, but would message me if he was free any time. It's been about a week and a half, and he hasn't yet - I'm not entirely sure if he will at this stage. I invited him to a movie late last year as well, and he couldn't come to that either.
I'm not sure if he's really busy or just avoiding me. I don't overcrowd him either, I haven't messaged him back since, I don't want to bug him.

Or maybe I'm just way to obsessed.


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  • Well... If have to say that right now, I'd say that there is a 60% chance that he is not interested, and a 40% chance that he may really be busy. Its tough to say for sure.


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