Is she interested in me or not? Can anybody help me?

I met this girl at work! Then I asked for her number! We only went out for coffee twice but when I asking her out for dinner she always say "maybe another time?" And for some reason she knows that I like her. But we still talk on the phone and text each other and she told me she is terrible at texting. And I also made her a gift on Christmas. I don't know if my gift will make she thinks of me? So give me an opinion. Sorry for my English I only live here 1 year.


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  • I have 'Her number,' mrminh, and it seems she feels safer and more secure on Her End-------On the phone and text each other. She is able to give her lame duck excuses which she sees you are biting and buying every time with Her"Maybe another time?" and even more so, handing you her loose goose lingo of 'She is terrible at texting.' It doesn't look like this is going anywhere, eventually probably only dead in the water with everything she has said And-----Not done. She isn't Into you so much as you are Her.
    You can continue to play along, floating along. However, it gets old real quick and with her knowing that you like her, even giving her 'My gift,' may be another reason of her season to keep you stringing along so she doesn't hurt your feelings.
    You deserve better... there is a chick out there who is much more deserving of not only your giving gifts but your giving heart as well.
    Good luck. xx

    • Paris, you took the words right out of my mouth. I could't say it any better!

      mrminh, listen to her. She has your girl pegged right.

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    • I think I have to move on. And just be normal with her as a friend then. Thank you so much.

    • You are so welcome... yes, move on.. so much better and more worthy, sweetie.:)) xxoo

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  • What did you give her?

    • She loves to read so I made some origami heart books mark! And other stuff I put them in a glass jar then wrote her name on it! And a book.

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  • She is not that interested in you. I would drop contact and move on.

  • She's super interested, etc.

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