Date goes MIA what happened?

So I've been doing online dating and I met this great guy. We seemed to hit things off pretty well. We had a few fun filled dates and he asked me to come over to his sisters house for new year's eve. I said sure, and asked if he would come over to my house after because I was having a party he agreed. So we went to his sisters house and his whole family was there I even met his parents and this was our 4th date lol. Everyone seemed really nice and he introduced me as his friend which was great so I didn't feel awkward. After the party we headed to my house and my friends were getting ready to come over and my kids were at my house. Now I did tell him that my kids would meet him tonight since I was having friends over at my house. He said that he was looking forward to meeting them. I put my kids to bed and all of a sudden my date said he wasn't feeling well and had to go. He literally disappeared right before my friends came over lol. That night my friends wanted to see a photo of him so I went to the online dating site that we met on to look at his pictures and I noticed he was online just after leaving my house. The next day I asked him how he was feeling and he said much better. He was super brief with texting. Now it's been 4 days and I haven't heard a thing from him. He used to call me everyday. What the heck? Why would you introduce someone to your family and then go missing? As far as the kid situation he told me that he had dated girls with kids and that it wasn't an issue for him. What's your take?


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  • Possibilities..

    - was lying that he had dated girls with kids and was okay with it, and the reality scared him off

    - Suffers with social anxiety and was having kind of an episode after meeting your kids and then next to be meeting your friends, scared he wouldn't fit in and would feel left out etc. (Maybe he was then online at home because he felt bad and wanted to try and explain to you if he got the opportunity)

    - just decided he doesn't want to sate you actually, for some other reason. Could've been something you said, like if you revealed some new info to him during that timespan, or if one of the kids did, that was a deal breaker.

    I'm just speculating here what I think some possibilities could be. That's all I got.


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  • He's coochie hunting, not looking for anything permanent. Sounds like he got spooked.