Where could I meet girls outside of school?

At school the girls don't seem to notice me. It's a really big school so it's difficult to stand out. There's a couple of guys who seem to be every girl's crush and I can't outdo them. I would try my luck somewhere else, if only I could think of any places for teens in my town. I've thought about cold approaching on the streets, but that's desperate and girls will notice that. I would go to parties, however, the people who usually throw them never invite me because they barely know me. Do any of you have any ideas? Any help would be highly appreciated.


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  • Online dating websites, okcupid narrows the search locally. You could find them at the mall, church, even library..

    • You have to be over 18 to join a dating site. Our local library has a handy online system so really only old people actually visit it. I'm an atheist so I don't go to church. I guess that would limited my options to the mall.

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  • Join some extra curricular activities. Well, one that suits you. I met my girlfriend in speech and debate. You can really meet some enjoyable people when doing activities that fit your interests! Best of luck!

    • The choice of extra curricular activities in my school is very limited (and most of the activities you can choose don't interest me). I tried an activity once with one of my friends, but my school doesn't invest much in it so it's poorly organised and extremely boring. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    • That's a shame! I'm really sorry to hear that. But if it's a larger school, then I'm assuming it's a somewhat sizable city. Maybe get a job at a popular place, or just try to be really social. You can make your way up through the social ranks if you really want to! Then your popularity you earn will get you noticed. Though I've never been a fan of popularity, it may help you out in this case!

  • Tinder

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