Tall girls (5'9" and up), what is the ideal height for a man you'd like to date?

Just curious what height tall girls consider to be ideal for a man?


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  • Someone my height ( almost 5'11) and taller. I would date a shorter guy though, since personality is more important than height.

    • What's the tallest guy you would be willing to date?

    • I don't have a height limit haha any tall guy:)

    • Thanks, glad to hear that :-)

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  • Same height or taller.

    • So you don't have a preference, i. e. you'd date a guy who was anywhere from your height up to 7' tall?

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    • Yes, I did ask ideal, but you just answered any guy who's taller than you.

    • Probably to 6'6" ? I don't really have an exact height limit for ideal. But just taller seems nice.

What Guys Said 1

  • i think most girls would want same height or taller. but I've seen a couple that is a shorter guy and taller girl, they seemed to have the most fun with each other.