Did she meet someone else? I don't know what happened?

I asked a girl on a date and she said yes. She was smiling and even made sure we had eachothers numbers so that no mistakes were made. Our work schedules were unclear so I said I'd get a hold of her after that. I texted her and asked if she was free the following weekend but she said she was working but could probably do it the next weekend but she hadn't got her schedule yet. I said ok then I texted her the next weekend and she never responded she was at work though and is kinda ditzy. It just doesn't make sense because she told people she wanted me to ask her out.

I just don't know if she met someone else since we left college for our winter break or if she is just enjoying time with her family. It is her first time away from home.


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  • I think she probably is just busy. it does happen. give it more time.

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