My girlfriend hasn't talked to me in a week?

Well just before Christmas my girlfriend of 4 months went on a 4 day trip and she didn't talk to me at all the whole time. She said like 2-3 things and they were just excuses for why she wasn't talking to me. She came back the day before Christmas eve and I didn't get to see her right away because she was working, but on Christmas eve I seen her a little bit and the day after Christmas we hung out for a little bit as well. Everything was fine when we were hanging out. She went on a week long family trip on the 27th and she was talking to me a little bit that day when she got there and a little bit the day after. Other than that she ignored me the whole time except one night she responded to me asking her how she was doing, but I think it was an accident because she was drunk and all she said was she's doing crappy and didn't say anything after that. She hasn't said a word to me since that and it was Wednesday night. She got back on January 3 and she still hasn't said a thing to me so I don't really know what to do? How am I supposed to figure out what's wrong if she won't talk to me? It's really frustrating because she will look at my snapchats and go on instagram and stuff, but just straight up ignores me. Please help me and suggest what I should do.


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  • she might just want some space. give it to her and she might become the one initiating contact with you. you can't do anything until she tries to talk to you


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