My boyfriend is acting weird? What should I do?

We can't see each other because of my parents right now they hate him and forbid him from seeing me. It's been like this the past year but we sneak around here and there. He is going through the police academy right now. Said he's not really himself right now and is under a lot of stress. He accused. me of cheating.. apologized. He gets really passive aggressive sometimes. He will sometimes get really vulgar and then be really nice. He asked for some photos last week explicit and I could tell he got angry when I said no. he's not clingy but we will talk through text every couple days. He will always extend the conversation for an hour or so. Like talking to him but it just gets extensive I'll end the conversation sometimes. he's always been a dominant and strong guy lately he seems like he's sensitive and moody. Really passive aggressive.

We also have plans to move in together soon maybe he's getting cold feet?


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  • i dont recommend to you share any private pictures with each other because im sure that your relationship may end up in a bad way one day then you will regret sending those pictures ( by the way men keep those pictures no matter what ) i think you guys should just try to understand each other if you really are willing to stick up into this relationship , plus aggressive men its like once you hit the switcher it will be hard to turn it off , my father is an aggressive type of man i told my mom how can she keep up with him she told me she will talk to him in a very calm way because yelling will only make his voice louder , so its more like try talking to your bf in calm and reasonable way when ever he is aggressive even if you get aggressive you would still be needing to calm down , but to be honest if something bothers you with him you just need to talk to him in a calmful way and no matter what be supportive with his decisions because all of that stress and studying what so ever he is going through he will always go to his gf to find a way to release it , i hope this helps at least good luck ^ ^ .


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  • he sounds frustrated.

    • Normal for guys to act like this every once in a while?

    • ehh.. depends on the guy really. some guys will really keep their cool all the time for the girl's sake.

  • He is really needy, you will end up getting fed up and bored of him.
    Just tell him otherwise you feelings for him will change.

    • I understand he's under a lot of stress and we're moving in together soon. he's not needy because he even offered me a break and asked me if this is really worth it. I really wanted to keep it togwther. I know he could move on without me.

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