How obviously ugly people get in relationship?

This is not disrespect, it is curious question.
We all seen this and had this thought, dont lie to yourself. Im just interested if they're better people or they have non sex relationship. but some have kids, so Im confused how ugly people can get a bf or gf.
What can attract in opposite sex.
Ugly i mean those who are not clean or are fat or just ugly.
(As an example honey boo boo mother.) I just dont understand.
Guys do you like to fuck ugly girls?


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  • because what ugly people lack in LOOKS they usually try to make up for in PERSONALITY. most of them realise "hey im not the greatest looking so maybe i should become a better person overall" think about it "not to often do you see someone who is UGLY and MEAN" nuh uh it dont work that way LOLOLOL because they already know people aren't going to put up with that crap "sorry that's just the way it is" so usually 2 ugly people get together make babies

    blame it on double standards+ their low standards because they know their are usually limited to who they can date. this is coming from the guy who made the famous question of so there ya have it

    • @Red_Dragon have you ever seen someone who is ugly+fat or mean? lololol

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    • @Red_Dragon agreed and makes sense "i was thinking the same way" since when someone treats them nicely like i do to everyone, they'll usually change their ways

    • Yep. That`s true bro.

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  • personally i don't think anyone is "ugly" unless they are a bad person.
    however, with every yin there is a yang
    so there is someone for everyone :3

    • Look , you want to tell me that guys are sexually attracted only to "good person"? i dont think so. be realistic.

    • no, you stop being pessimistic.
      this is realism in it's finest, looks by one person (you) don't qualify fact.
      thus one persons idea of ugly is anothers perfection, i stated that with "however, with every yin there is a yang, so there is someone for everyone"
      but evidently reading into things is not in your abilities :3

  • They're probably rich, or maybe really funny. some guys are so heartbroken that looks dont matter anymore. some guys like the body but not the face, just a few things i can think of atm

    • What do you mean so heartbroken? they dont care anymore, why?

    • They dont care because they feel broken inside perhaps even empty, they crave intimacy and ugly people are almost aalways willing to give it and therefore are able to fill such needs

  • Is this the boyfriend you're referring to because is it is , I doubt he'd classify as every girls dream guy.

    • *if it is

    • well i was talking about her in particular. but damn that guy oi creep as hell lol

    • My point is that, sure ugly people can still get into a relationship but the person they are with isn't always going to be the type of person you'd want to date.

  • those ugly people might be rich.

    money talks you know

  • Ugly people probably have more sex than non ugly people.

    • How come? here enters the myths of that one hot girl who is always single?

    • Because ugly people have more people they are willing to sleep with. An ugly person's standards are probably not as high as a good looking person's standards. Someone who doesn't have high standards is more likely to accept sex when offered.

  • All you 18-24 year-olds will figure out soon enough that looks are low on the list of indicators of real compatibility. Anyway, they fade even quicker. Enjoy your youth. Lol

  • 2 main reasons.
    1. Ugly people have lower standards because they know they are ugly and aren't going to judge someone so harshly based on looks.
    2. Insecure people date someone ugly and aren't attracted too physically because they think that because they don't find this person attractive, then the next person won't find this person attractive, and if no one finds this person attractive then this person doesn't have to worry about the ugly person cheating on them with someone else.

    There are other reasons.. like.. just not being superficial.. but I would say the first 2 reasons I gave are probably the more common reasons.

    • I understand the first one but the second one makes me so so sad! really? they date ugly because they're afraid to be alone?

    • I wouldn't say they date ugly people because they're scared of being alone... Although, some might... They date ugly people because they incorrectly assume that an ugly person won't cheat on them.

  • some people are just not as superficial as you

    • Im not superficial. maybe we understand this question differently.

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    • no no!! you are not being realistic, because reality is that ugly people have boy or girlfriends. so to be realistic, you would have to say that not all people are as superficial as you!

    • I dont deny the reality of ugly people dating. I just want to understand- how come?

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  • Some people like personality

    • Another blw bla guys like personality? i dont believe it.

    • I didn't say guys like personality. I said people. I don't like people until I've been friends with them for a decent amount of time and I know what kind of person they ate

  • Wow wow wow lol

  • I can understand how ugly men can get in a relationship but not women. I've never been able to figure out how ugly women get relationships but it bugs me. Especially if it's a skinny ugly woman. I've always believed face is more important than body. So wtf?

    • my thoughts too! especially considering guys are more visual and how they can date them-a mystery.
      people over here say its personality bla bla ok, i may agree. but in some cases im just shocked:how?

    • yeah people say that all the time. of course personality is important but if a person is really ugly then personality won't help them beyond friendship. a friend of mine who isn't attractive (she even knows she is and calls herself ugly) says she hates when people say its personality. she says people always tell her beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that personality is more important than looks. she says it's annoying because its like those people are saying her negative experiences with men when it comes to her looks didn't happen. she says she knows she isn't attractive and knows her looks hold her back and people tell her that it can't be looks and its her negative attitude. I've witnessed men turning her down for her looks. so ugly people actually get annoyed too when people mention personality as well.

    • Women are just as visual as men. It is just that you will find a lot of more women disagreeing with each other with what men they find physically attractive but you will find men disagreeing a lot less with each other on what women they find physically attractive. If you show a picture of a hot woman a very huge portion of the guys would think that woman is attractive but show a pic of an attractive guy to a bunch of women a big portion of them would think the guy is good looking but not such a big proportion like with the males. Most of the time when you see an attractive woman with a guy YOU think is average or below average most of the time that woman thought he was good looking from the moment she first laid eyes on him. It is the same situation with average looking women with men you think are below average looking.

  • I think sometimes people don't have enough confidence to go for people they think are out of their league. Also, if you have a really good looking bf/gf, they would get hit on a lot right and maybe some people think really good looking people are players and aren'y dateable/marriage material.