Girls help me out with this please?

I am looking for a dominant girl. One who is cute and she knows it. She should know she is a catch and I am lucky to be with her. Hopefully she will boss me around and really make me wear the panties in the relationship. It would also be nice to really be dominated in the bedroom even going as far as a strap on would be thrilling to me. Is there such a girl in the real world or is this not attainable?

any other opinions


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  • Check out Fetlife. Any kind of kink you'd ever want is on there

    • Ok thanks

    • no problem :) I have a friend that used it and she really liked it. Until she ended up chatting with one of her profs. Thankfully, she hadn't told him her name yet lol

  • she's real. she's out there somewhere. but you're not gonna get her unless you're as confident as she is. confident girls REALLY dislike guys who are not confident in themselves. when you find her don't be insecure, and don't be insecure anyways because when a confident girl see's a confident guy, she'll go after him. good luck :)


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