Is my friend after my friends with benefits?

He and I ended up having sex after meeting. He is slowly starting to hang out with my group of friends.

He also has my friends number. They text and everytime we hang out she is always there as well.

I would not be so worked up about this but I know after she drinks she can't control herself. Especially when it comes to guys.

I know this guy & I were not serious but you would think she would respect my feelings enough to back off.

We have even hung out with both their families now. It makes me feel uncomfortable. This whole dynamic with our friendship.


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  • You can't technically be control someone you are not committed to. I understand that you share feeling for him but your both single and just playing the field.

    • I know but still think a true friend would not do this if she knows it would upset you.

    • True. However I feel if you think you could have a real relationship with that person and their is no commitment then that person is fair game. Now I do my best and currently am with a person who doesn't have sexual connections to anyone I know, however if she did and it was this situation you have I would want to be with her still because in my thoughts friends with benefits or fuck buddies doesn't count as a true relationship.

  • Why should she back off? You're not in a relationship with him, you're just a casual sex partner. As long as they are both single then they're doing nothing wrong and you'll just have to deal with it.

    • Because I ended up getting feelings for the guy and had to stop it because of it. If she does not respect that then she is not my friend.

    • She's done nothing wrong - you just seem salty because them two have a stronger connection than what you have with them.

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