Anyone else finding returning to the dating world to be tough?

I broke up with a girlfriend of several years a while ago. When we met, we were instantly into each other and pretty much that way until we broke up. We loved each other very much and we knew from Day 1 we wanted to spend time together. She'd text me all the time and so forth.

I've been on 12 dates and I feel like it's been a different experience. Not comparing anyone to my ex, but it's like everyone is playing games or not that interested at all. I didn't realize it was so difficult to find someone compatible or interested. I usually approach a girl, get her number, plan a well-though-out date, walk her home, kiss her goodnight, and text her that I had a great time with her, etc.

It seems difficult to get some girls to go out. They are too busy doing this or that or don't respond. I guess I have to play games where I am not too available?


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  • Yeah, it can be tiring. After two relationships back to back I feel a need for a break. I just broke up with my BF two weeks ago, and he was a rebound that I met socially but I truly liked him. Now I am dating for real, and people want to introduce me to guys I am also online but for some reason it gives me anxiety.


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  • I have really had lousy luck since I re-entered the dating world. No one is appealing to me and no one is giving me a spark. I am tired of the "rules" as well and don't follow most (some are common sense). I am tired of first dates.

    Screw the rules. Dating shouldn't be this freaking hard. With the right person, the "rules and games" won't matter.

  • Not really, it depends on the individual.

    • It's easier for girls though, right?

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