Does she just want my attention?

This girl I used to work with and I are buddies, I guess. She's super hot, but she has a serious boyfriend. We only actually worked together a few times. She's pretty flirty in general, but we always seemed to click and she like cracked up at everything I'd say. One day out of no where she emailed me. I was wrapped up in a somewhat of a mess at work and she emailed to see how I was doing. From there we began chatting frequently. After I left almost 2 years ago we continued to chat, mostly me initiating contact, but she would be excited to hear from me and chat with me for days. We kind of did this for well over a year. We both had mentioned lunch together with a 3rd wheel but we both kind of canceled.

So one Friday night 2 months ago she emailed me at little 11pm from her personal email which I did not have. The email subject was a ;) and the email was a link to a funny video of hot chicks being crazy. It also had her signature with her name and cell number. So now we're texting. I say "lunch?" and she says "definitely!" We agree to go to lunch, but I had to cancel on her the day of. I think she was somewhat annoyed, but she agreed to go again. So we met for lunch. She comes and meets me, when she first got there she seemed nervous, like serious kind of face, kind of blushing or wearing lots of blush, and nervous I guess. She only ordered a bagel so we went to separate lines. I watched her while she was in line and she seemed nervous fidgety. She wore super sexy black heels and pants that wrapped around her ass and hips like wowzers! She also had a white shirt where I could see a black bra. Lunch was great, and we both said lets do it again. I text her the next day and said "had a great time" she said "me too" I said when can we do it again? She said "blush face, maybe next month?" Since then she's been short with me and did not respond to my last message about lunch. Where did she go on me? What happened?


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  • When a woman feels chemistry with a man everything is natural. Which means women are eager and look forward to the next meet up with this particular person. However, that doesn't mean that she's not interested in you. There could be many reasons for her holding back. The possibilities are endless. The only person who can answer the question of what happened is herself. :( Typically, when I meet up with a person once and if something didn't go well I won't agree to another meet up. I'll try to avoid it. There was either a lack of chemistry or she is a real busy woman. If it doesn't work out with this woman don't fret. There is someone out there for all of us! :) Much luck to you!

    • Thanks! Well did you catch the part about having a serious boyfriend?

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    • That's definitely a huge possibility. No girl wants to put herself in that type of situation. Especially not with a person you work with. That's happened to me before and it led me to one of the worst experiences ever. I will tell you that I had a slip up with a co worker while being in a serious relationship. I lost my boyfriend and ended my fling with my co worker to try and get my ex boyfriend back. Worst experience ever but I learned my lesson. I learned not to settle down with anyone unless I truly knew I was ready. Be flattered that she found you attractive and I would say leave it at that. :)

    • That's kindnof all I wanted to know really. Did I mention she was actually married?

  • didn't you say she had a boyfriend?

    • Yes she does! That's the part that is soo confusing!

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