Im meeting my ex in a few days (Tips)?

So im meeting up wwith my ex in a few days and id like to try and get her back. It wasn't a bad break up.
If you have any tips it would be much appreciated.
For example: How should i act
What should i wear?
Should i possibly bring her somewehere that would make her remember the good times?

And anything else that could help :D
I hope you guys can help , i would much appreciate it :D


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  • look amazing and compliment her. do whatever worked before.

  • DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY LOOK HOT. Nothing would be worse than if she saw you, and you had let yourself go. Hopefully you're in awesome shape or in the same shape (not just body but hygiene) as before. Personally, I think a dark wash pair of jeans, Converse, and a t-shirt would be perfect. I'd coordinate the color to your skin tone, hair, eyes... If you have blue eyes, DEFINITELY go for blue, it'll make them pop. If you have brown eyes red scientifically make everyone hotter :) A plain v-neck would be ideal, but not too deep of a v-neck. Just enough so your collar bone peeks out little. No one should be able to see chest hair or muscle cleavage haha But just be polite. Act like her friend for now, maybe a little flirty if you think she's up for it ;) Make sure your hair looks good as well


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