Ladies, when you say you want time apart after a week of arguing, do you mean no contact and nothing from each other?

Just wanted to ask this. My ex gf is the type who means the opposite and wants the guy to fight for her. I really got nothing to fight for at this point cause we've been arguing and she wants time apart from us now.

I did mess up where I called her and ended up coming over Saturday and slept over. I told her I'll miss her and she said the same thing that she loves me and will miss me. She also mentioned feel free to call or text her just to say hi or invite her out.

So confused by this time apart thing. Haven't spoke to her since her last text yesterday which was "it was nice to see me. I love you"

I didn't reply back cause the time apart thing. Seems like she's doing her own thing for now and I feel like I should fight for her.


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  • Call her. If it goes to voicemail don't leave one, but just see if she picks up. If she doesn't, text her and ask for her to call you back, you want to talk.
    If she does pick up, tell her about how you want to make things right, and you don't want to be apart from her... etc.
    If she doesn't pick up, she'll see that you called, and she'll see your text.

    That way, you leave the decision up to her, but you know that you reached out and tried your best. She won't feel like you invaded her privacy, but it will feel like you're fighting for her.

    Hope this helps. :)

  • You can call her


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