I like a guy... but?

Okay! So last year! This guy comes in to where I work! He came in a lot and we would have small talk! Well! One day he comes in and he comes up to me and tells me that "he's been really wanting to talk to me and now he finally had the chance to!" Because I wasn't that busy that day! So after talking on and off for about a hour he asked me to go to a wedding with him! I was thinking he would ask me out Becuase he was asking me about movies I liked and everything! But, the wedding caught me off guard! So sadly I said no! He left..

So a few weeks later I see him and I talk to him! But, now he had a girl with him! He was asking me how I was! Asking me some questions! Well.. I saw him like 3 times within like 3 weeks but, never had the opportunity to actually say something! So we talked for a couple of minutes! He tells me to have a good day and that he would see me later! I said okay! I hope you have a great day and I'll see you later!

So... another few weeks go by... and his brother comes in the store! I was like oh my gah! So after his brother kept coming in I finally asked his brother about him! He told me he moved back to (state) I was oh okay!

So I sent a letter to where the brother lived! (Becuase the guy who asked me out told me where he lived general area! And I'm very familiar with that area) basically just told him I felt bad for what happened! The wedding caught me off guard! And I really wished I had another opportunity to get to know him! So if he ever came back to (state) we should get together for coffee or something!

But, the brother kept coming in and we kept talking about his brother (the guy who asked me out) so finaly he told me that he (the guy who asked me out!) was thinking about coming back! Becuase him and his girlfriend broke up! The guy seemed seemed very pleased! And he kept smiling at me like he was excited for his brother to come back like something else was going to happen!

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This all happened over a year time! The brother told me he was thinking about coming back 6 months ago! I saw the brother once 4 months ago. But, Didn't have a chance to say anything!

I've never felt this way about ANYONE in my life! It's crazy! I really just want to get to know this guy! Sometimes I feel crazy! But, I think he came in my life for a reason! Right?
Why would all this happen! If the guy didn't want to get to know! Why wouldn't he have been a jerk!

Also! The brother told me he told him to stay! But, the girl had to go! That's why he left! Well... when they broke up he was saying he was going to come back! So.. is 6 months too long to wait! Or should I send another letter or call him?


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  • if that doesn't work out than I am in (state) also


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  • I really like how enthusiastic you are with all your exclamation points

    • Ha! Thanks I think... so how do I move on?

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    • Sweet :) All good signs. Good luck to you!

    • Thank you! :)

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