Please decode this first date for me! He's sending mixed signals?

This guy I met less than a week ago and I went on a date today. (when we met we ended up kissing a couple times -- nothing past a peck) He was the one to ask me out and drove up (a suitable distance). Today was fun and I enjoyed him, but when we went to leave, he gave me an awkward hug and didn't kiss me, and said "I'll see you around." So of course I was like.. well he wasn't feeling this date! But then we were texting and he invited me to a party that is in a couple weeks.
So why would he invite me to this thing in the future if he wasn't interested?
I'm very confused. Could someone help shed some light on the situation?


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  • He isn't interested in dating you but he is interested in keeping you around to get what he can from you (sex) if he ever wants it.

  • did you text him after the date/

    • Yes! and we chatted for a while but I stopped replying and then he texted me again saying that the day was cool and wished me a safe trip (i left the next day)
      I replied and said thanks the next mooring but he never texted me back and its been 2 days (including the day I sent the text in the morning)
      Should I text him? or wait and if he doesn't text me then he's clearly not interested?

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