What "type" of girl/guy are you into?

What type of girls/guys are you into. This isn't really for reference or anything I'm just bored. Anyone can answer. See if I can relate to anyone. Just describe what kind of person you like, or the perfect partner or whatever you want. You could describe physical features or personality traits, anything from nail polish to favourite types of music or artists.



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  • I'm glad I made a copy/paste for a lot of the frequent questions here.

    To be highly specific:

    -slightly younger than me
    -slightly shorter than me
    -B cup breasts
    -Blonde hair, long
    -green or blue eyes
    -doesn't like pop or rap
    -likes bands like Cake, RATM, Disturbed, E Street Band, The Rat Pack, Nightwish
    -likes the movie "The Last Castle"
    -plays an instrument (I play trumpet, it'd be nice if she could read music as well)
    -"Nerdy", for fuck sake I play WoW.
    -Must be a dog person
    -Not a republican

    Also, cute>hot

    Though honestly, to put it as simply as it can get, I'm looking for is a girl who is my best friend before anything else. And yeah, I have a list of preferences and likes/dislikes, but for her to become my best friend most of those are going to be met.

    "All we want is someone we can fight with like crazy and then have the kind of make up sex that makes your left side go numb." - Christopher Titus

  • Physical is easier to describe.

    Heavily tattooed (maybe two full sleeves and a whole back)
    Extra piercings maybe a nose, lip surface or something, not too many.
    Black hair
    Green eyes
    Pale skin
    A cups
    Tight round little bum bum.

    What do you think? lol.

    • Of your description or what I want?

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    • Fair enough. Just disappointed I will never find an attractive girl who likes the metal I like. Sorry for going off.

    • Everyone ask says no I've never heard of Weezer and I'm all like nobody understands me Hahahaha
      and I'm sure you will find a pretty girl who likes heavy metal @DarkHumorRUs

  • I want someone who is:
    1.) Very feminine. But isn't so passive that she can't chose what she wants to eat, without saying, "I'm okay with whatever you want to eat."
    2.) Has a head on her shoulders.
    3.) Is loyal.
    4.) Is 4'10 to 5'6
    5.) Modest
    6.) To eat like I do, so no vegans nor vegetarians.
    These are non negotiable.
    7.) Brunette
    8.) Blue eyes
    9.) Lightly tanned
    10.) Has an hourglass figure
    11.) Wears dresses a lot
    12.) Plays video games with me
    These are very much negotiable, they are just my preference. Everything else, I don't really care about. I don't care if we have the same taste in music, or not.

  • My past crushes have in common:
    -Funny themselves, or at least have a sense of humor
    -Shorter than me
    -Beautiful eyes
    -As immature as I am
    -Don't take anything that seriously
    -Easy and fun to talk to

    • Awh that's cute

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    • Dark brown.

    • They go well with dark skin

  • I'm into confident, strong women. A woman who could kick my ass possibly. She'd be athletic and outgoing, works out regularly (and has the butt of a squatter :P)

    Highly kinky and sexually open women also are top priority for me, along with having similar interests of course.

    • Sounds like you have it all figured out ^_^ a lot of gymnasts could kick most guys asses so much effort. Strength every day for at least 1.5 hours. Tiring stuff.

    • I have a thing for women who lift weight though but yeah :P
      Sometimes I do think my pickiness can be a bit of a downside though. I mean I'm not excluding other women out for not being this exact 'perfect' woman for me, it's just seems difficult to find a generally healthy-looking woman who's confident.

    • Yeah I get what you mean. I'm pretty picky too actually. I don't know I will be able to find anyone.

  • I like a girl to have some sort of common interest with me. That way we will be compatible on some sortof level. My iinterests:
    Music (listening and playing alike)
    The great outdoors
    Food. (I'd die without food)
    A faith in the unproven
    And I guess that's the basics

    Deal breakers would be: cat hater, video game addict, never goes outside, doesn't eat food, hates all sonic art.

  • My favorite type of girls are short girls that are brunette and have a feminine quality about them but they still are fun and funny

    • Cute. Everyone teases me about being short :)

  • My liking for girls is all over the place, I've liked rachet girls to gamer girls.

    • But dream girl then?

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    • Hahahah omg you guyssss get a room @thewanderingme

    • @ asker that's what I've been telling her but she gets shy

  • GIrls that are naturally pretty and have confidence in themselves. Not too short or too tall, at least 1 inch shorter than me. Shy girls are usually the most sympathetic, i like girls that reveal themselves little by little if you know what i mean.

  • -beautiful (i have good taste for girls)
    -accept me the way i am or the way i look
    -fun to be with
    -bit naughty
    -cooks for me
    -good personality

    • What do you consider beautiful? I'm sure she will accept you for the way you are and the way you look :D a girl who can cook is always great!

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    • What about girls with black hair?

    • hair color is never a problem for me... any natural hair color will do

  • -Has ovaries.
    -Is at least average at every aspect you can judge a girl on.

    That's my type.

  • sweet, kind, caring, loving, naughty, funny, badass

  • ZOMG that little kitten in your profile pic!!! :D

    ummm yeah im into 'cat girls' :P

  • Both physical feature and personality. more than she/he like me first, than no need to see anything.

    • You sound like someone I know.

  • I like honest, kind, nice traits on a girl and I like a natural look :)


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  • I like a male who is smart and it doesn't matter how smart i just want him to know exactly what he's talking about. I want a guy who is funny sarcasm is perfect because im very sarcastic. I dont care too much about physical features because every man is different the only physical feature i do care about is if a guy is taller then me im 5ft 5 and i like when i can rest my head on a guys chest. I definitely dont want a liar or cheater. I want someone who has good morals and values. Family men are normally good at that stuff. I just honestly want someone to talk to and listen to my needs. Sometimes it feels like to ask but at the same time i dont want too much at all.

    • I know what you mean. Knows exactly what he wants. That's the type.

    • No liars no cheaters

  • I like really skinny guys and girls who are either skinny or have a "medieval figure" in the sense that they have some curve and a little belly pooch cuz it's sexy and looks healthy and fertile. So log as your body is proportionate in that your stomach doesn't stick out more than your ass and tits you probably have a good body. I like people who don't get tripped up in mass mayhem. The people who live for themselves, pave their own path, aren't insecure, do what they want, treat themselves with dignity and respect, don't take crap from anyone, know how to treat their partner right -and by that I mean being grateful for them and showing they care in simple little ways like kissing me on the forehead randomly during the day and spontaneously having a romantic movie night where we eat some good food and watch anything OTHER than a chick flick. People that listen and remember what I say when we're talking not our goals and aspirations. Someone who doesn't preach religion. Some who is for equal marriage and respects that just because I choose not to physically transition and have decided I'm completely comfortable in my female body that I am still their boyfriend, NOT their girlfriend. That I am still a him NOT a her. And I like people with darker inspired wardrobes who don't wear outrageous like green shirts and say YOLO all the time wearing OBEY shit, walking around like a doichebag with their pants around their ankles saying swag and that is so gay/ retarded. And don't need makeup to walk out the door and can slim it in sweats without saying "being a hobo today #yolo" making excuses for wanting to be comfortable and not conform to stupid idealizations about what a woman should be and how she should dress and she has to shave and has to wear makeup and has to have long hair blah blah blah. And someone who respects that this is my body and I will pierce and tattoo it as I want.

  • Hm..
    -Punny (has to understand my terrible puns)
    -A bit of a gamer
    -Semi Athletic at least
    -Down to Earth (Down to try something new)

  • Physical traits:
    Dark haired (the darker the better)
    Tanned skin (natural)
    Brown eyes

    Personality traits:


    • I totally agree except I don't mind if he's short because he'd still probably be taller than me anyway

    • Well, it's hard to find a guy who's shorter than me. I just can't be attracted to short guys.

    • I understand. It's the same for me somewhat.

  • I'm pretty sure i'm into shy guys haha. All the guys that i like tend to be shy/quiet. But generally they're taller than me, athletic, open minded, patient and kind. I really can't pinpoint more things since i feel like it really just depends on who i meet. I thought i liked guys with dark hair, tanned skin (olive), and bright eyes but the last two crushes i had were blonde and blue eyed haha.

    • I can't pinpoint everything either buuutttt from what you've described, I think we like the same type of guys :)

    • I'd like to add that they should have a good sense of humour or be able to laugh at a lot of things... since I laugh a lot and find a lot of stupid things funny haha. And yeah, i guess it depends on who we come across in life and then we can decide :) But that's my general set of traits i'd be attracted to initially in a guy.

    • Yes I agree. A funny guy with a good sense of humour is always good!

  • sweet.
    intelligent/enjoys learning new things.
    cute/handsome/funny looking.
    hard working/motivates me.
    likes to be tortured by me.

    • Nice.
      Most things said here agreed with.

  • I'm 19, my guy is 30.
    We love to camp and hike together.
    We are definitely outdoorsy.
    He comes and cleans my apartment for me bc I am soo messy.

  • i d k about "type" but i can mention an anecdote-
    Today I saw this guy in the hallway, wearing a white suit shirt, dark suit pants, and a tie. NO ONE COMES TO SCHOOL LOOKING LIKE THIS. in a world where sweat pants are common, this is an oasis. i can only assume he was in student congress or maybe band or something, also there was something about the way he was walking, om g

    • Go for it. Chase him. Love at first sight. I support you! Wait am I right? Seriously if your describing him on here you should find out up who he is or he will be playing on your mind.!

    • i never thought about him after i posted this.
      trust me, i didn't fall in love with a stranger, i fell in temporary admiration.

    • Awh that's upsetting

  • I am currently into someone who is naturally drawn into satisfying my own desires and not feigningly but thus getting satisfied. I don't know if it's a realistic thing and my over-sensitivity to false-appearence and that forming into almost an irritation almost threatens the other person's individuality in a relationship which I should figure out how to fix, but I don't know what to do. yet.

    So. Somebody. Who is naturally keen and sensitive in a positive way would be the answer to it.

    • "Keen and sensitive in a positive way" yes for sure

  • Tall, skinny, likes a music genre at least vaguely parallel to my favorites. Fun, social/outgoing. Likes movies. Makes me laugh. Doesn't do drugs. Other than that, most things go. My boyfriend fits all of these :)

  • Taller, dark hair, green eyes. (That would be the looks of my Prince Charming) but they'd have to be nice, caring, funny, at least average intelligence, quirky, fun, and open minded.

    • Has to be qirky fun and open minded, yes. Preferably a Prince Charming but looks don't concern me too much.

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    • Yes exsactly

    • *exactly

  • A guy who is chill and cool-headed, but sincere. Someone who is taller than me by a couple inches and plays guitar... sings... Humor is a must have trait. Someone who can be mature and can make me smile when I am upset. A guy who can be confident and shy too.

    • Plays guitar and sing!! Yes! Confident and shy and who is funny and can make you smile! Yeah that's what I want for sure!

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    • Awhhhhhhh sorta sounded like the guy I was crushing on

    • Most guys I've liked have sounded a bit like that

  • Tall, handsome, dorky.

  • -gamer (console, not pc)
    -good sense of humor
    -hot hahahaha yes i'm that shallow

    • Oh why not PC? I don't care what he looks like really but I prefer if he was good looking. Defs open minded. I don't mind if he's short. Yes good sense of humor.

    • *humour

  • Ben Affleck & Bradley Cooper

  • Tall, blue eyes or green, blonde hair, buzz cut, a proportional body, nice jawline

    In personality I like a take charge guy. The man of the house type

  • guys who are built like football players

  • Sweet
    Family oriented
    Clean looking unless they work in construction or a dirty job it's acceptable but you have to have a clean when we go out.
    Really tall I'm short lol
    Someone who is funny someone who likes to eat.
    Simple and easy going