Can you love someone "too much"?

So me and my S/O are dating since a year now, also living together and I feel like my love grows to a level that I can't even handle.

It's like I miss him when I'm at work. I use to stay in bed as long as he wakes up just to cuddle and literally I want to spend every single minute with him. He's my best friend and lover, so I'm always rather bothered when somebody else wants to spend time with me, and usually look for excuses not to go.

But that HUGE amount of love also causes trust issues and jealousy. Which I do control but still in my mind I'm always afraid to loose him somehow.

Do you think it's possible to love too much?


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  • It's too much when it becomes an obsession. You need to practice being away from him.

  • I think it's possible to lose control over your feelings, yes