Guys- have you ever regretted leaving a good girl and go back to her? Or try to reach out again? Girls- have any experience?

Have you ever broken things off with a good girl only to feel you made the wrong desision?
Ladies? Has this happened to you?


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  • I just had to shut an ex down today... Good girls tend to be forgotten until men realize that we're what they need in their lives. But that's their loss and I honestly couldn't care less about his feelings.


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  • Unfortunately, my previous relationships have been with really evil and manipulative women, so I never felt the need to get back with them.

    • extreme polar opposite attractions?

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    • @abundantlyrich
      Actually, although my attention to detail is quite q lot, my memory is quite poor! That's the reason i can't easily remember usernames unless I interact with them regularly!

      And wow, I'm flattered that you actually took a screenshot of that conversation! Says a lot about by 'combative arguing' skills, I suppose! I have always been rebellious, not wanting to conform to 'societal norms' and breaking rules as often as I could (without getting into legal trouble, of course)!

      By the way, your statement "you got thick hair, you look like Elvis' - Is that really bad? The way you say it seems to indicate that I look alright except for these 2 features! :P

    • i did something stupid today and reached out to my guy. i did not get a response. how bad is that I did reach out?

  • Yes , my very First gf , i am unexperienced back then and Made some mistake , i try to win her back but she is already sleep with someone else..


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  • I was the "good girl"in my first relationship that began in 2007 and ended in 2012. Two years later (technically 3 years because it's 2015, but eh) he still texts me wanting to see me and get back with me. This has been happening since we broke up because HE wanted something different at the time. Ha, feels good

  • My boyfriend pushed me away because he has commitment problems. I was so amazing to him, all hisfriends saidhemadeahuge mistake.

    • And did he come back around?

    • so far no

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