If a guy holds your gaze for longer than a minute. Dosnt break eye contact... what does that mean? Is he being sexy or is he a killer?

Ever since this guys found out I like him he makes intense eye contact with me that lasts minutes! He even has time to put his drink to his lips as he holds my gaze. I refuse to be the first to break it so we just end up staring into each others eyes. And when he looks at me I feel like we're isolated. It's just me and him. His a bartender so he stops what his doing to do it. It's incredibly intense and doesn't feel lovey dovey. Not sure what his thinking , doing and intending. For all I know he wants to kill me or something. Oh well it's sexy as Hell what ever his doing. What should I do. Should I start another staring contest with him?


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  • It sounds like sexual tension.