Am I doing the right thing? Can anyone give me some advices?

Im worried about my relationship with my new gf and i need advices from both girl's perspective and guy's experience. I feel like I'm missing something but i don't what is a right thing to do in this situation.

i asked her a week before holiday started and now communication is pretty much dead. Both of us don't really use text/social medias and we only used it to arrange our first date, Christmas, NYD etc. I talked to her few days ago about my worries of our lack of communications and she said she would be happy to talk about it when we go back to school. i took it as "i need space this holiday" (i was going to bring this "the talk" up during our second date but she gave me a questionable excuse and flaked on me but i pretended i bought it because i don't want to mess things up over a phone call) So we are sort of doing our own things in the holidays and sort of paused on our relationship. But i don't worry as much since she was willing to talk about it but its still on my mind time to time. Although i think can understand her. She probably had plans for her holidays before i asked her out and i did too and I'm actually having somewhat productive holiday but would this pause potentially be harmful to our relationship later?

i've had couple of relationships before but never lasted longer than 8 months and never through a long holiday. in short holidays between terms (2 weeks) we would set couple of days to hangout with and that wasn't much of a problem. But this long 6 week holiday only managed to agree on one day we can hangout (when we knew we both didn't have anything to do that day) and hardly any communications is making me worried. (4 weeks of no communication because we had our date on 2nd week)

Do you agree with my approach/assumption? what did i do wrong/right? What should i do now/in future?


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  • How long have you two been together is my first question. And how long have you known her? How much do you like her? I have been in many realtionships sadly, and I am pretty wise lol. I am yoda XD. Anyway it could be something serious in the furture or not. It depends on how serious you two are and how serious you want to be. Ifu want to make it last be up front. Don't keep anything hidden. Talking is the key to a relationship and is usualy the one to end it because it is rarely used, or not used properly. If sh doesn't like what you need or your worries or what you have got to say then she's not the one for you. I have a fiancé now, and we are open about EVERYTHING. Communication is what made us work. Every other guy/girl I had been with lacked good communication and our relationships fell apart. Just be honest, and if your worried, then listen to your gut. But don't let it bother. Overly worrying about something can and will make a situation worse than it has to be.

    • Thanks for your advice :) Our relationship just started to be honest. a week before holidays so thats around mid December (2014). And we were too busy talking about each other and getting to know each other (during that one week in school and our first date), we never talked about how serious we are about our relationship. For me i would like it to be long and stable relationship. Im just really confused about 'taking time' so early on in the relationship but that doesn't mean i don't have patience. Im willing to wait and have more productive holiday without stressing too much. But i will consider your advice since you probably have more experience than i do

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    • Oh and I have dated like 5 girls, been in a love triangle ( don't try that. to messy and weird.) I've done the cheeting thing, the player thing where I had like 8 boyfriends at once, been the slut, been the one that had affairs with guys behind there fiancé's back, dated an armless guy, a guy out of state, almost whent all the way with a girl, got drugged and forced into sex, broke guys hearts, and been the un controllable flirter. In effect one of the worst people, but one of the best who has been around and knows her stuff. Now that I have found the right guy, my fiancé, who accepts me for my mistakes, and has taught me to learn from them, not hate myself, and shown me the true beauty of a relationship, I have been handing out advice like nothing. I seriously think that I know every kind of love and relationship there is. Even my fiancé is scared of that XD Hey we could swap funny stories. :)

    • Wow, yeah you clearly have more experience than i do. Funny story wise, i don't have much to share but when i was in 7th grade i was going out with this girl and we dated for 8 months i think. She dumped me because apparently i deserve someone better or some bullshit like that. i honestly think she dumped me because she grew taller than me in that 8 months. Fucking puberty ruined my relationship haha.

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