Guy Never Once Contacted Me During Holidays?

I think I already know the answer but a guy I've beenh hanging out with for about four months now has literally disappeared from my life. For the past month, he has been on vacation on the opp side of the country (three hours ahead) and he has not contacted me once (and I haven't either). Today he is supposed to fly back to begin the new term. Last interaction I had with him was text and he was explaining how his flight was in the a. m. and I exclaimed 'wow that's so early' and then nothing after that. We also saw each other that Sunday before he left and I had brought over some extra cookies I baked which happened to be his favorite. He really appreciated them (not that it matters). I have to admit, I had a mini breakdown about my car and I was crying in frustration in his presence, not sure if that has anything to do with it.. I'm thinking if I don't hear from him by the end of the week, it's a lost cause. Do you think that's reasonable? Thanks might I add, it was a totally different story during Thanksgiving break when we stayed in touch almost every day. so I'm not sure why this time around was different :-/

guys it's just the weirdest (or the most inconsiderate) thing. I don't think I could ever leave a guy hanging like he has with me.
not a word.
I sent him a light hearted text to gauge his interest. radio silence ever since.
closure would be nice.
but I guess I got my answer.
no loss.


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  • You could always contact him.

    • yeah thanks, I'm giving myself a week until I consider reaching out to him. I'm thinking I shouldn't though because the first red flag was silence on both Christmas day and New Year's and I made a resolution not to reach out to those who won't reach out to me. I'll see what happens

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    • I understand where you're comming from. But being on family vacation across the country he might have had a lot on his mind.

      I'd say a text is a small price to make sure this isn't just a misunderstanding.

    • agreed, thanks. it just sorta hurts not hearing from him but I know he hasn't seen his family in a while and that's why I'm trying to give him space. but I'll reach out to him at the end of the week. hopefully I'll hear from him before then.

  • I assume he travelled with his family? As much as you want his attention, his family needs his attention as well and this is special occasion (probably more special occasion then Thanks giving) for them. Just like on a date, he would focus spending time with you during the date, he would focus on having fun with his family during the trip. He's probably tired from the trip (idk how long it's been since he came back but)
    If you can't wait, why don't you call him first?

    • thanks for replying. it's been about two days now since he returned. I thought about waiting a week to contacting him with something neutral like 'hey long time no talk' or 'hi, hope all is well' but I'm always reminding myself that if he were interested, he would contact me, let alone wish me a Happy Holiday/New Year. To reiterate, I do not rely on him as my main source of happiness so if I don't hear from him, life goes on, but one of my resolutions is to not put so much time/effort into those who won't do the same.

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    • i see. but maybe, just maybe, he's thinking about the same thing? "I've been gone for a while, why hasn't she contacted me yet?" etc. If both of you are thinking of waiting out until one of you contact the other person, no one will and make the situation awkward later. Talk to him. I like my girlfriend when she actually talks to me when she has problem and be straight forward about it. I think most guys do too. But if you think waiting and ignoring him is a better option, well no one is stopping you.

    • yeah I'll try and contact him this weekend. I just don't wanna seem needy/too attached.

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