Guys have you ever dated an alpha woman?

My new girlfriend is an alpha and this is my first and so far I'm loving it.

Take charge type of woman... Very strong emotionally, doesn't get jealous of other chicks she's so confident, doesn't crave attention not even from me, tough girl she use to drive a Harley and muscle cars, made it to the finals in a martial arts tournament so I have to be careful, owns her own business and I have to give some control to her or she will just take it... Plus she cleans and cooks.

I'm in heaven so far but I'm afraid we might bump heads one day like that saying too many chiefs in one house.


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  • I think my current girlfriend is "alpha girl" She is very independent in her life, straight As in school, got her life together academically. She definitely doesn't crave attention at all even from me and i at first i thought she was shy but i realised she's not afraid to make conversations with anyone, in fact she loves talking. Me being used to sort of clingy girls and sort of liking that 'attention seeking attitude' really confused me during first 2 months of the relationship because she seemed a bit flaky at first but she is willing to talk about her emotions and she just wants her space when she seem a bit flak. She is one of the kindest girl i know, i can't name a single person who would hate on this girl. She doesn't do martial arts or drive muscle cars but she played rugby before she had knee problems if your definition of alpha girl means seems 'tough and rough'

    • That's an alpha
      I mean more of a strong independent woman who can take charge. Not shy, know what she wants, thinks for herself, common sense, able to stay under control under pressure and not let emotions run her.

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  • She sounds like the "independent type". And I thought a lot of guys are not into them? Hmmm. I'm glad there are men who do appreciate them :)
    I don't know if I'd use "alpha woman" but she seems more like the independent type to me.

    • I say Alpha bc she is the founder and CEO of her company. She's not the average girl. We are very like minded and that's what makes us work. Her being a more dominant woman requires me to be on a more 50/50 with her and let her take control of the relationship sometimes. Alpha does not mean tom boy she is not that for sure even though she knows how to use tools she helps me out with some stuff lol

  • Us alpha girls are very loving... You really don't need to show us love just once in a blue moon let us know :)

    • Your right it's weird because so many chicks love attention and to be pampered by their guy. This one she would let herself go to me bit at a more balanced rate and she doesn't whine when I'm not showing her attention.

    • Well not us we are more independent and like for you guys to show your love but not to much :)

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  • have not dated one yet. damn that sounds awesome though. a new kind of fun i wanna experience hahaa.

  • Man up doc. She's just a strong minded focused woman, just like millions of them are or are workin to be. in my opinion always let her be strong, help get stronger, don't ever try to tear her down, but at the same time be a man and hold your ground she's a strong woman she needs a strong man not some pussy that just likes having a tough chick.

    • She tells me I'm a very strong minded guy that's what turns her on about me.

    • Then you're on the right track.