Can you feel a connection with someone almost instantly?

That stays with you, when you see that person

Would you give up on a girl who wasn't reciprocating your feelings?
As in can you like someone from the first time you meet/see them? I can't.


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  • Deep connections take some time for me to develop. I can be interested, but to really like them a lot, it takes something really special and it needs to build a little.

    "Would you give up on a girl who wasn't reciprocating your feelings?" Yeah I would. I don't believe in spending time trying to win someone over. Basically, I'm good enough as I am, and if someone needs a lot of convincing then I'm gonna lost interest.

    • I'm not unconvinced of his worth; I'm just very shy and awkward compared to well him.

      I'm hard to talk to around most people, including girls. I don't know whether he sees that as just something that I am, or he takes it personally.

      I think a part of him likes me beause he was able to recognize that I'm myself around him.

    • Oh okay, so you DO reciprocate his feelings, but you're not really showing it?

      If he really likes you and he feels like you are more yourself around him than you are other people, he might actually see that as a sign of feelings. I think I would.

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  • You could feel an instant connection, but sometimes those little connections could only go so far.

    I could only go soo long before I give up if she wasn't reciprocating the feelings.
    Ahem *cough @linkywinky cough*

    • What if you give up on that person, and then she starts paying attention to you? Would those feelings come back?

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    • Well for that it depends on the guy. Some are more persistent than others.

    • Yeah, that's true.

  • I fall for girls too easy. Either; they don't share the same passion (mostly). Or they're already taken..
    It sucks, because I don't think anyone's ever fallen for me..

  • Sure you can feel an instant connection. Sometimes it turns into serious affection when you get to know them better. Sometimes you get to know them better and find they are not so interesting.

    • I sometimes don't want the person to know me better... what if he comes close and doesn't like me, or finds me 'not so interesting.'

      I think this is why I push people away even when I realize they seem to like me

  • I give up on a girl after the 2nd try... No girl in the world is worth a third try... Regarding your initial query, no, it is almost impossible to know a girl on the first meeting. People are fake as fu#k. So 'love at first sight' is a fiction-monger's conspiracy to sell otherwise sh#*ty romance novels/ films. You should give up on fantasies like that. Unscrupulous men can use this rubbish myth to get in your pants.


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  • I can get a strong connection pretty quickly with someone. But if it isn't nurtured then it will be lost quite quickly too.

    • Up until the next time you see that person, or forever?

    • Well, if I don't see the person for a long time, then I might lose that connection, but if I see the person again in like a week or two, then the connection would most likely still be there.

  • I don't know. I personally haven't experienced it yet. There's people that I know who've met people they didn't like right off the bat, and then they just kind of grew on each other or the other person.. and it worked out. Then there's those who "connect" right away, and find out they are compatible at all. It's really different for everyone.

  • All hail the hive mind!

    I've felt some, not all.