Does finding out someone likes you before getting to know them kill a potential relationship?

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about a situation I was involved in mid last year. There was a girl who I developed a crush on and hoped to enter a relationship with. I told one of my friends about my crush and added in extra lovey dovyness just for fun. Unsurprisingly, she decided to tell my crush about this the same day. Although this didn't really create any awkwardness between us or hinder the process of us getting to know eachother, I feel like it may be responsible for the fact that we never became anything more than friends. Would things have played out differently if my blabbermouth friend hadn't revealed my crush or would it not matter much?

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  • I think it depends on your crush. I have a crush on this guy who I'm friends with. I didn't want to make things awkward so I didn't want to tell him but one day I was texting with my cousin and I accidently sent a text about my crush to my crush. I was sure it was going to make things awkward but it didn't. When I saw him the next day he said he thought he was crushing a little on me too. Now we talk and text often and we're getting a little closer as time goes on. As I said before, it depends on your crush. If that person is willing to give you a chance like my crush did, I don't see why it would ruin a potential relationship. Actually, I feel like it would help more than it would hurt. What I mean is that if you tell that person you like them they are going to consider you and if they don't like anyone else they are very likely to be open to get to know you better. 😅 sorry for the long response

    • Haha no long responses are good (:
      In my situation, it wasn't someone I already knew well but someone who I'd just recently met

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    • Well, I saw her today for the first time in a couple of weeks (holiday break) and it's seeming like things might work out after all. Guess it just takes some time? lol

    • Lol that's good. Good luck with your relationship 😄

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  • Oops haha sorry I got distracted okay: she may feel a little awkward around you, depending on her definition of "like." For example, she could think you mean you think about her every day and every night and there's no way you'll ever get over her,
    She could think you think she's a cool person and someone you'd enjoy going out with. So talk to her, and figure out what's going on between you two.

    • Well here's the thing. I told my blabby friend over text about my crush and she screen shotted it. My texts was along the lines of "I don't need A's, as long as I can admire *name*'s beauty"

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  • No. point blank. What it does is opens a door of opportunity for you to begin a relationship silly boy periods. Now you know she likes you or he's now all you have to do is make your move s

    • Haha really? Well I'm not sure. I think there's a bit of dissension between high school dating and dating beyond highschool. I think us immature high schoolers buy into the dating games more often unlike the beyond high school dating that is usually more frankly put and upfront... Am I right?

    • Very much so being honest with yourself is a big step towards anything you'd want to do.
      first finish school real girls ain't going nowhere, there's millions of them all around the world, so you got plenty of time to finish school and go girl hunting or whutever.

    • True. I guess you've got a point, sir.

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