Would you date a Black man?

For non-black women only.

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  • Yes, but they are second-rate to at least one other race
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Most likely no. No offense, I don’t mean to stereotype, but it seems like many black men generally have serious cultural issues. Don’t get me wrong, everyone’s got their own problems, but some of the social, cultural problems black men have really rub me the wrong way. I notice how a lot of them put down and belittle females who look just like them…females who look like their mothers…and it disgusts me. It makes me feel like they’re putting me on a pedestal just because of my more European features. It’s a huge reflection of their character. I feel like a lot of black men glorify girls who look like me without even knowing me and that’s a huge display of mental mediocrity. Pass.

    • That's generally an American thing from what I have observed and experienced. Those guys make me cringe (the ones who put other races on a pedestal because they think they're better). Outside of America I have found that not to be the case though.

    • @AshleyMD perhaps! I just find it disgusting and it’s a turn off like if I was their complexion with their features, they wouldn’t even give me a second thought but because my features are farthest from women who look like them, they want to screw me. Feels like it’s a discriminatory love because it’s just coming from a discriminatory attraction.

    • Yea I completely agree

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What Girls Said 3

  • I find black guys attractive so yeah of course. I also find it hard to get along with other races of men (probably because of where I'm from and the people I'm used to) so there's that too.

  • Of course I would.

  • How is this. It a racially antogonistic question? I get confused what with GaG's dumb double standards everywhere.

    Surely someone should be offended by now!!

    • How is it antagonistic? I see it as a valid poll that will expose legitimate dating habits.

    • I don't but I would expect GaG to. Considering the shit they pretend is antagonistic just so they can remove it.

What Guys Said 2

  • I'm a non-black woman, no I wouldn't.

  • sorry I voted lol, It would be nice if you had a see answers option

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