Am I over thinking this or is it he who is?

I changed my phone number 4 months ago and gave my new number to the guy I've been seeing straight away , yesterday I get a text that afternoon from him saying he texted me earlier that day but I never replied? I told him I did not recurve any texts from him :/ he then said oh I've texted your old number by mistake and I wondered why you didn't reply. Strange thing about this is we always message each other on whatsapp always !! We hardly ever use normal text messaging , I don't get why didn't he message me on whatsapp? And why keep my old number? Does he think I'm secretly using my old number? He seemed annoyed he said the text sent to my old number ok with no problem.. I snapped my old sim and chucked it in the bin , am I over thinking or is he?


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  • This is a non-issue and I cannot fathom why you're making a mountain out of a molehill?

    • Because it felt like he was about it yesterday

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    • Aww no I was worried he may be thinking something else ! I love this man I just don't want him having any negative thoughts , was just asking if it seems he may have some maybe?

    • Because he text your old number? I shouldn't have thought so.

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  • Yes, he's suspicious you are carrying on secret correspondence on your old number. What reason did you give him for changing? Something has caused him to wonder!!!

  • You both are. This isn't TNT, not everything in life needs added, unnecessary drama.


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