Im seeing a guy he is great sexy and fun to talk to its only been a couple of weeks and I am freaking out that I am gonna screw things up. Help me?

This guy and I met online scary but he is sexy and fun to talk to there is such a sexual connection. The thing is I am thinking too much and I think I weirded him out. I thought we made plans to hang out for the weekend and he texted me he was going snowboarding I asked if it was for the whole weekend he said probably. I felt like he was ditching out on me and mildly freaked. I asked for a movie I left at his place and that I would leave him alone. He said he was overwhelmed and needed some space. I apologized and told me to relax and just see where things go. I like this guy and afraid I fucked things up. Help?

So should I wait then for him to contact me cause this is torture. how long do I wait before I give up?


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  • Just calm down.


    No that's it, calm down, no more advice.


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  • I would give him some space. However, if you truly left a movie at his place, then I'd get it from him since it's yours. It kinda sounds like you might have screwed things up, but it still might be patchable. Just give him some time.

  • You need to learn how relax your batty and not be so outcome dependent.


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