Will he go back to her? Or will he try with me?

So BF and i have only been dating now for 1month and 2weeks... we were best friends before we dated so the connection is there! and we are inlove and love each other...
Well his ex is back in town! and she wants to be with him again and work things out (they have dated for 6years) but broke up a lot as she kept on cheating on him!!

My Q is, will he go back to her, one more time and try things out? or will he stay with me?


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  • He most likely will, but just be there to catch him when he realizes the mistake he's made. Don't get hurt if he leaves you for her as it's a guy issue most people won't understand chances are he will come back to you and he will understand what he lost. Don't play hard to get but don't get overjoyed either when he comes back (or lifeless I see that a lot). And don't make any rash decisions just make sure he knows you love him and he will start having a battle in his head about who is better and chances are you'll win. The problem is, if he was with her for so long and she was the reason they broke up he probably still has feelings for her. I know if the girl that broke my heart came back to me I would probably say yes.

    • Okay thank you!, but why go back to someone who has broken your heart many times? When you have a gf that really loves you and won't ever think about hurting you?

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    • wow, that really sucks!! well gosh people should see it as " if they did once they will do it again" :P
      well thanks! I will keep on showing my love for him and yes! i'll even tell that it would be so sad if i lost him :) thanks again!!***

    • I'm happy to help!

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