Friend is always around when I hang out with the guy I have feelings for?

There is this guy my friend and I recently met.

This guy and I ended up having a thing. She knew I like him but still got his number as well and gets invited to things as well.

Usually when this happens with my other friends they back off when I like someone even when they are single.

But this girl is always around. She tries to outshine me when us 3 hang out to. Flirty with him.

Another example we were at this guys parents place. She brings biscuits for his parents. Saying they were for everyone. She never asked if I wanted to put in for them. Tried not to make it a big deal she got them.

It has put a strain on me having a friendship with someone after I slept with them (never been in that situation before) plus her always being there. I don't know if she is after him or what but don't feel like she respects my feelings that is for sure.


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  • can you talk to her about this? that situation sounds.. shitty..

    • I have spoken to her about it. Looks like she is not listening. I know. Have never had a friend not back off before. It is really weird hanging out with someone you have slept with. Playing the friends card I guess a bit there, with another friend hanging out to trying to steal the spotlight from you so to speak.

      You don't buy biscuits for someone who is not your boyfriend's family? Not unless you have known them a long time. I think anyway. I don't know but found that a bit weird she did that.

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    • I have mentioned to the guy a little of what she can be like but not to much. Hope I did not sound jealous lol. I just know what she can be like when she is attracted to someone.

      All the poor guy ever wanted was to find new friends and now he has to deal with all this. It probably would have worked out better if he and I did not hook up.

      Makes me laugh thinking how my friend would never be able to accuse me of stealing him off her. She never mentioned liking him to me and I was not even after him at first. He made the moves on me.

      I bet he is not minding the attention though lol.

      Think the whole situation is shitty. Agree. Hate it.

    • when 2 girls fight over 1 guy it makes that guy feel like a baller lol. yeah it was a shitty situation but hey it looks like things worked out. I hope she doesn't try anything sneaky.

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    • Oh yes. I can't believe she still tries to work her way in after I spoke to her, after I slept with him and trying to make a connection as well.

      Trying to steal the spotlight, when other friends would have backed off.

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    • She and I actually get along like a house on fire. I just don't alike her personality when she drinks and when guys are around.

    • You are not guaranteed to like anyone 100%. It's your call on that point.

  • She sounds like an attention whore. Cut all contact. Srs


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  • I would talk to her about it. If you have feelings for him, then maybe ask her as a "friendly favor" to let you two hang out alone sometimes just so you can get to know him more one on one. That doesn't sound like it has any malice in it. I, of course, wouldn't ask her to do this too much, but just occasionally. If my friend asked me that, then I would certainly let them be alone for a time so that they could bond a little more. That's what girl friends do, you know? If she won't comply, then be very, very, VERY wary of her...

    • I actually asked the guy myself if we could hang out a bit more on our own so we could bond a bit more.

      I have mentioned something to her. She even has the nerve to ask if she could flirt with him when I was setting boundaries I said no.

      Then when he invites us to his parents place. She gives them biscuits (without including me in that) and still see a bit of light flirting from her side.

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    • the beach house with her. My "best friend" didn't even have the decency to tell me herself. A real friend is someone who can go months without talking to one another, but be able to pick up right where they left off without any "awkwardness" between them. I finally ended the friendship because it was the last straw. I was sick of her backstabbing me constantly and I needed a break. When I went to school for the new school year ALL of my friends had turned against me. They just stopped talking to me. She turned them all against me. She talked trash about me to everyone. When I say that I really never meant any harm and just wanted to find myself again without the presence of her, I mean it. I was not mean to her and did not retaliate. She told people not to believe a word I said about her. As if I would talk about her in the first place. The truth is, despite the fact that she told my other so called "friends" about the situation between us, they still had a choice in the matter of

    • whether or not they wanted to remain friends with me. They could have maintained our friendship without the presence of my EX - "best friend" but they chose to stop talking to me. This "friend" of yours cannot blame you for the actions of others. They have a choice over whether or not to remain friends with her, and they chose not too. She shouldn't be trying to make it all about you and how YOU are the bad guy. You aren't. I'm glad you are starting to move on. You deserve a better friend AND a better boyfriend/possible boyfriend than that.

  • tell her to back the fuck off, if i had a friend doing that I would lose my cool and tell her, bye bitch and leave her ass to the curb.

    • I did just that. Just can not believe that a girl would stoop that low. To place so much importance for self validation over a guy her friend has been sexually involved in to even wanna go there. They've only known each other since a week before Christmas and I slept with him on Christmas Eve and now apparently she is in love with him? Just stupid lol. 2 of my other friends doubts it'll last long and she will end up with nothing after.

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    • I reckon. I just so not see how a guy would even go for a girl that is like that. Sigh.

      Definitely stupid and blind to what she is doing. Hope he sees her true colours in the end. You can't hide who you really are with someone.

      If my friend and I worked out what she is like and he is apparently a 'good people reader' he should sooner or later once the excitement and honeymoon period is over.

      Just wanna grab him and shake the stupidity out of him lol.

    • just let it go cause you're gonna just be stuck beating yourself up and not get anywhere so find a new guy friend and be happy!