Got a date with this cute girl Friday but is it a pity date?

So I asked this girl on a date for this Friday who I've been talking to on and off for the last month and a half. I don't know if its a pity date cause when I asked her at first she never got back to me with whens a good day but she said yes so I was persistent about it and we agreed to go out this Friday night after she gets out of work and she said if anything changes she'll be sure to let me know. another thing is it looks like she was flirting a little bit in the text cause I told her that she will have a lot of fun that night and she said "haha you think I'll have fun and I told her "from what you told me you are a very fun person and I am as well so I'm confident you will have a lot of fun" and she sent "lol" with the emoji of blushed cheeks thats smiling. My question is do you girls think its a pity date and will it actually happen?


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  • It's hard to say without knowing more about your relationship with her. I've had girls offer pity dates to formals and whatnot, but these were girls who knew my history of inexperience with girls and wanted to "help" me out by giving me some success. I bailed when I figured it all out. They felt bad for me and had good intentions, but no guy wants a girl to date him out of pity.

    • We never actually hung out before so this would be the first time meeting face to face but also our first date. And the last few times we texted she would be flirty with me

    • That doesn't sound like a pity date.

    • yea and when I basically told her that I want to take her on a date we agreed on Friday night after she gets out of work because she said ""if you don't mind going out after I get out of work thats fine". So it looks like she actually wants to go on a date with me