I brokeup with my boyfirend becuase?

Because he told me he liked other things besides me and likes what he likes, he like blonde pettite girls.

Before he said This i told him i can't stand him liking another girl or her looks.. Usualy when im with a Guy i Just love and adore him nothing can compare him to my eyes..

So i brokeup with him. I still have massive feelings for him. Its difficult to find another man attractive.


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  • you can't stop a guy from being attracted to a woman's physical appearance. that's simple. and it's a lie to say you aren't attracted to a man's physical appearance just because you have a bf. being attracted to a human being is unavoidable and inevitable. it doesn't mean that you can have a healthy, loving relationship.

    I'm married to an amazing woman. but I know there are guys that she finds attractive and she knows there are girls that I find attractive... you simply can't stop that reaction from happening

    now him saying he likes "blonde petite girls" that's just poor form and something a guy should not tell a person he likes

    • I liked hum sooo Much i still like hum its been 3 years. I feel he doesn't like me That way

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    • you are special in his eyes. just because another girl is attractive doesn't mean that you are any less special.

    • I really Hope so, i Hope he can take me back i still think me might wants me im not sure coz i ended it

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  • i think you made a mistake , you loved him that much. you wanted him to only be attracted to you. love makes us do stupid things. if i have spelt some words wrong i am sorry i have dyslexia


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  • That's pretty possessive. He might prefer different looking girls but obviously he likes you more or wouldn't have been with you. I'm sorry but I think you broke up with him for a bad reason. 😢

    • Yes i have i Just realised That..

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