How to Attract HS Girls? What makes them attracted to a Guy?

I'm in HS and I want a GFS but I'm havin no luck. Girls at my school don't go for Nice/Good Guys like me. What can I do to Attract more HS Girls or at least make myself more appealing to them?


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  • Do NOT change yourself. Honestly, just start talking to them. Start being more comfortable around them, and then you'll get to know the girls at your school better, and start understanding what they look for in a guy and what they're interested in. To start, try to talk to them like guy friends. Just chat with them and build up some confidence. :) Good luck to you!


What Guys Said 1

  • You have to meet them and at least befriend a little. Talk to them at any chance. Just say what up, or talk about something happening in the class. Remember to never give a fuck what people think about your personality.