Why does my boyfriend want me to move out but stay together?

My boyfriend since a year and I are living together since 5 months back. He has a good job, I am in college so it's hard for me to afford something on my own. A few days ago he asked me to move out of his house. He claims the reason for that to be that he doesn't want to live together until we get married. (We are not engaged or hasn't talked about getting engaged either).
I am from Europe where every person I know are living together before getting married. To me, it seems strange to marry without having lived together first. I consider living together a part of getting to know someone and finding out how the two really work together on an every day life basis.
He says he wants so save living together until marriage because he thinks it takes away from marriage, and something to look forward to.
As much as I can understand that, we've already "cracked that nut" so to say.
He's been living on his own for 5+ years and I have been trying not to take too much space. I do have my own life etc, I am not one of those clingy girlfriends.
My friends got suspicious and I don't really know what to think.

So my question to you guys are:

Would you want to wait until marriage to live together with your partner, and why?
Why did it take him 5 months to get this message across?
Is this code for "I don't really wanna be with you"?
What am I to think?

I am so grateful for answers, as I have tried talking to him about it but all I get is what I presented above.

Thank you!


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  • find somewhere else to go and dump him first, cause him wanting you to leave is just the first step in a long road of being dumped.

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