What's the difference between being shy and lacking confidence and/or self esteem?

the latter is very unattractive to women whilst Being shy can be attractive so what is the difference?


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  • Shyness and timidness is something you notice more before getting to knowing the person. Once they get to know you better they might see you actually are self confident. Self confidence doesn't always ensue being loud and showing the world you are proud and happy the way you are. It can also be about what the word self entails you are happy and you keep to yourself about it. The people that care about you will be able to notice this without you having to make a big fuss. But I don't think shyness is that attractive really sometimes it can just be very frustrating if the girl is trying to be nice and open with the guy.

    • Then how do some shy guys get girlfriends

    • Well I was speaking from personal opinion but I guess some girls actually me too sometimes like the mysterious guys because its like you know that they hardly talk to any other girls so if you get to know them you know you have a pretty special and intimate relationship and that you have been successfull in opening them up. With my first love he was shy and I felt like I got to be the one who boosted his confidence. But there is my last crush who is super shy and though I was constantly being nice and trying to be talkative and make him feel comfortable as he was new to our year I got really frustrated with his timidness and lack of responsiveness. I don't have time for a guy who can't seize a good opportunity to talk to a girl properly when she approaches him

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  • Ummm I don't know.. But I want too


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  • shy and lacking confidence go hand and hand for the most part

    low self esteem can be with any personality though
    since you can be a loud mouth but still have low self esteem ^^

    • So that contradicts what women say then. They like shy but don't like lack of confidence which is the same thing?

    • i mean most shy people for the most part are lacking in confidence for the most part right?

      and yea i guess so lololol

    • i mean most shy people for the are lacking in confidence for the most part right *

  • Lacking confidence usually (to me), means that a person is looking for validation or acceptance.
    Being shy is more of a actual personality trait.
    I was very shy when I was young, but not necessarily lacking confidence. I've always been charismatic when I want, and have become more outgoing.
    But I will Always be shy and somewhat reserved. I'm introverted.