Are there women who want to be the one to initiate things with a guy and lead in dating/relationships?

As this article suggests -


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  • There are, but those women eventually want you to take control and lead as a man.

    • So why is that article even written.

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    • Lol. But I'm more interested in dating /long term relationship than how to get a woman in bed as fast as possible, which are 2 different things whch require different game plans.

    • the "show" I'm referring to specializes in relationships.

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  • Personally, I do not like taking the lead, but I do have friends who are more comfortable with things that way, so I know that people like that do exist. :)

    • Really? It seems unnatural.

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    • Well I'm shy but even still, I think I'd be turned off by a girl who's like that.

    • Ya, see that makes sense to me...

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  • some but it is very hardcore rare

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