Did the spark vanish?

How to tell when the spark between two persons had vanish?
I met this guy, with which I talked every day for hours several days, and he even told me that he was pleased to met me and that he wanted to go in a date with me. We have so much things in common, but eventually we started to disagree about some stuff, and the conversations started to be less and less, and today didn't even talk to me. So, I don't even know if the date is still on. Did he lost interest?


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  • It usually works like that. When you first start talking to a person you will have a lot of things in common but when topics become more serious there will be differences, and some of these differences can just break the deal. He probably was interested at first, maybe he still is. You should just not be to eager to hear from him again, if he wants to take you on the date he will contact you, if not, then you'll know. Give him at least a week, if you still have not heard from him or if he has not brought up the date again then just forget about it. And to answer your question, yes a spark can vanish, it happens all the time.