Whats going on? why hasn't he talked to me?

He was very persistent and asked me out on a date. We had a lot of fun and hit it off. There's a lot of attraction. We continued talking and went out on a second date a few days later. I met him a year ago, he's my friends older brother. We also hooked up and slept together about a month ago and slept together again on the second date. I texted him after the second date and we talked all day. But he hasn't texted me since then, its been two days. I went back to school so now I'm about 2 hours away from him. I know its a pretty new, do you think he'll talk to me? why hasn't he. Also I did drunk call him twice lastnight what should i do now?

Does he need his space? does he think I'm coming off too strong?


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  • I can't really say. But i would give it some space. He aware you tried to contact him so give him time to get a hold of you if he doesn't contact you in a week then if you want to try again go for it if still nothing then to me it seems he lost interest and it best to forget him. Not saying what he doing is nice or respectful but i dont want you to have high hopes on someone and wait around either.

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