Any suggestions what I can do?

Sooooo having feelings for this guy is giving me whiplash. I mean things have been good so far. In the beginning we went on dates, and took things slow. He is so much fun to be around.

From the beginning we met at that bar. We hit it off right away. He texted me all the time and took me out and told me I wasn't a rebound and so forth. So one night we went to a bonfire... and this random guy started hitting on me... my crush came up and backEd the guy off and told him that he doesn't share and that I'm with him. That was almost a week ago. The other night we were playing video games like dorks, and I mentioned that I'm gonna miss him when he goes to ranger school for 3 months... and he turned around and just told me "you can do whatever you want when I'm gone, I'm not holding you back." I replied back saying "yeah I know but I don't want to do anything else with anyone." He pauses the game ans told me that he doesn't get jealous at all.

But what was that when we were at the bonfire? And now he barely texts me like he use too. I mean I understand guys barely text anyway and I get he's busy with work and all but I don't know. But when he does text me, he stops right in the middle of thr conversation...

Any suggestions what I can do? I don't want to lose his interest.


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  • Sounds like he's losing interest and that HE wants to be free do see other people.

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